It’s 100% Arabica

Our starting point when planning the café, was always the coffee. As a self-confessed coffee addict, lots (and lots) of taste testing was needed to find just the right taste – smooth but strong. We’re often asked what our coffee “blend” is. But it’s not a blend. It’s 100% Arabica from a single estate which means it’s the best coffee there is. Every bean has to be good because it’s not blended with anything else. It also happens to be organic and fair trade too.

It comes from Peru and then gets roasted in small batches just up the road on the morning it’s delivered to us so it’s ultra-fresh. We also have exactly the same coffee decaffeinated as we believe just because you don’t want to or can’t have caffeine, you shouldn’t put up with an inferior drink.

It’s also not a brand. So you’re not paying for the name, you’re just paying for really really good coffee. And as our coffee supplier won’t let anyone else have it in Newport, you can only get it at The Café at Ridgeway.

But you can buy it to use at home so if you need some for your cafetière or espresso machine let us know and we’ll get it ground to the right consistency for you. Available in 250g bags or we can order 1kg ones for you.

Drinks at Cafe Ridgeway
Drinks at Cafe Ridgeway
Drinks at Cafe Ridgeway
Drinks at Cafe Ridgeway


Whole leaf so full of flavour

Prefer a cuppa? All our teas are whole leaf which means they’re full of flavour, and they smell amazing! We use Brew Tea Company’s range because they’re passionate about their tea – they taste each batch themselves, craft the blends, make the teabags and even hand pack the boxes. And on top of that, they are lovely people to deal with.
We do sell some of their boxes of tea for you to take home, but their website has their full range of loose and bagged tea for you to buy here.

Soft Drinks

Made without artificial flavours or colours

Another range of drinks that you won’t find in many other places is Breckland Orchard’s gently carbonated soft drinks. Originating from the Newport area, the owner of Breckland Orchard, Claire, is now based in Cambridgeshire and produces these delicious award winning drinks without artificial flavours or colours. Oh, and her Mum lives in Usk so we get a personal delivery!

Licensed Bar

Fine Wine, Spirits and Beer

We are fully licensed and able to sell alcohol from 12 noon each day.